Body Sculpt.

Body Sculpt are a laser lipo company based in York who offer ultrasound cavitation treatments! Give us a call!

About Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt carry out ultrasound cavitation treatments for both male and female! This is the ultimate fat removal system that is PAIN FREE and NON surgical. The Liposonic treatment breaks down fat cells and tissues using sound waves which get down to the stubborn fat areas that ladies really struggle with and can’t get rid of by going to the gym or performing regular exercise.

A minimum of 6 sessions is required to see good results, although some women start to see results after 3 to 4 treatments. The affect will be obvious as the individual can reduce around 2-4inches on each session from very first session. Clients will be measured in each treatment area of their body so they will have a before and after record for each treatment session.

All clients will have a record card which is kept for their treatment record and will be given an aftercare plan to follow in between treatments. This treatment is combined with a healthy eating Diet, life style and regular exercise.

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After Care

All treatments are required to be 1 week apart to allow the body for recovery time and to allow the fat to be pushed out via the liver so drinking 2ltr water is essential every day while completing 15 min exercise 3 times a week to compliment the treatment and 30 min heart racing exercise within 12 hours of treatment This will help flush out destroyed fat.

NO alcohol for 48 hours before or after treatment because the liver needs to work harder for pushing fat water out the system and alcohol reduces the affect.

No fizzy drinks 48 hours. No carbs 48 hours.